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Birdwood Bakery

Birdwood Bakery is dedicated to producing traditional sourdough bread and innovative bakery products. From a purpose built facility we make quality products with natural ingredients to supply the public through our retail bakeries and commercial customers. We are Southend's local artisan bakers.

A sourdough starter can live for many years and we feed ours daily. Dedication comes in the maintenance of a stable and strong starter


that delivers the distinctive sourdough taste. Our sourdough is stone ground in the UK and is 100% organic and yeast free. Flour, water and salt, simply delicious.

Our Turkish Flatbread makes the most delicious sandwiches you are likely to have but the versatility makes it innovative.

Spelt flour, imported from Germany, is a wonderful alternative to wheat bread and for those with a


wheat intolerance it is a godsend. For everyone else it is a revelation.

We make our own wholemeal puff pastry from 100% butter and used in our sausage rolls. Together with the ingredients we prepare ourselves it brings customer back time after time for what they tell us is the best sausage rolls and pies they have had.

Birdwood Bakery is the local bakery where you can come every day at any time to enjoy a coffee with good food.

125, Leigh Road
Essex SS9 1JH
Tel: 01702 480404